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Are you considering a home security alarm system?

More and more homeowners are installing home alarm systems in 2019 than in any year before. While alarm systems are best installed while a new home is being built, the new wireless systems can be added on at any time.

Monitoring services will typically install basic systems for free as long as you agree to a long-term deal, typically at least for one year.

Most monitoring services cost about $1-$2 a day for a good basic plan. Some plans are less; some are more. You can add on other options, such as temperature alarms, water sensors and cameras for an additional charge.

Here are a few of the most popular services in the greater Los Angeles area:

Protect Your Home
Company OneProtect Your Home is the ADT provider in our area. This large security firm covers residential and small business property owners all over the LA metro. They offer a good basic package along with plenty of product and service options. A top security option.
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Protect America
Company OneThe wireless security system packages from Protect America are meant to be installed by the homeowner. They are one of the lowest-cost providers in the home security market.
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Security Choice
Company OneSecurity Choice offers a range of services form basic intrusion protection packages to wireless cameras, safety warning products, environmental warning products, home systems automation and remote access.
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The company we would call first would be ADT through Protect Your Home. You can certainly call around and talk to some of these other services, but we think you may end up at the same conclusion we did. Their combination or service and price are generally the best in the area.

In Los Angeles, you can contact them here: 844-293-2846

Call Now: 844-293-2846

Do you want a smaller bill each month?

The least expensive service is Protect America. They allow you to do the basic installation of the system. They send you their wireless security kit which you install yourself. They include complete instructions that are actually very easy to follow. Once you set it up, they give you a big discount on the monitoring fees.


Do you like your current security company? Let us know what you think about your current service.

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