Get set up with everything you need to make your home 100% secure, from cameras and complete security coverage on the home, to automation like temperature controls, garage door openers, and biometric access controls.

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Our Boss Home Bundle highlights

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Security Cameras

 These detect movement within designated areas and trigger an alarm if unauthorized activity is detected. They can be installed indoors or outdoors and use technologies like infrared, microwave, or dual-tech to sense motion.

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Biometric controls enable the most convenient and secure way to lock your doors. Open doors with a simple press of a button, either on your phone, or on the door lock itself with your unique fingerprint.

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Smart Home Controls

Over the last several years automation devices have exploded in functionality and popularity. From changing the temperature, to controlling the function of certain lights or blinds within the home–with these devices you’re able to have more-or-less complete control over your home.

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Encrypted Sensors

Encrypted sensors provide an additional level of confidence in that they cannot be disabled or taken over.

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Data Privacy

Your data and saved clips aren’t sold to any agencies, and are securely stored on an encrypted cloud that you’re able to access easily with your smartphone or tablet.

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Includes Safe Home feats

This plan also of course offers all the benefits of the Secure Home package!

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Would Boss Home work For You?

The ideal choice for individuals seeking a low-maintenance home security system that offers the most comprehensive coverage with today’s current technology. 

This plan also offers CCTV camera system installations, which tend to be the highest quality camera setups available in residential security. This option also includes a wall-mounted monitor, exclusive to the cameras!

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