Get set up with everything you need to make your home 100% secure, and to also be able to see the entire exterior and interior!

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Security Cameras

 These detect movement within designated areas and trigger an alarm if unauthorized activity is detected. They can be installed indoors or outdoors and use technologies like infrared, microwave, or dual-tech to sense motion.

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Artificial Intelligence

Camera technology has rapidly advanced over the last 10 years, and now cameras with artificial intelligence are the only way to go. The benefit of AI inside the camera is that it can tell what kind of specimen is in front of it, and will only alert you when there is human activity on the property.

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Smart Home Controls

Smartphone access enables you to control your system from anywhere in the world, at any time! Rest easy knowing you can be on the beach a thousand miles away, and still be able to check out what’s going on back home.

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Encrypted Sensors

Encrypted sensors provide an additional level of confidence in that they cannot be disabled or taken over.

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Data Privacy

Your data and saved clips aren’t sold to any agencies, and are securely stored on an encrypted cloud that you’re able to access easily with your smartphone or tablet.

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Includes Safe Home feats

This plan also of course offers all the benefits of the Safe Home package!

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Would Secure home work For You?

The ideal choice for individuals seeking a low-maintenance home security system that also provides the benefit of surveillance around and possibly inside the property. Although cameras aren’t as essential as the actual dispatch-response system, they provide the best deterrent for crime and offer superb awareness of what’s going on.

Another benefit of modern cameras is that you’ll never have to go outside to charge them, and you certainly don’t have to be monitoring them yourself 24/7. You can sit back and relax and know that if there’s anything worth seeing going on, it’ll be permanently recorded for you to view.

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