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Transform Your Home into a Smart Fortress

Webp LA security

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Explore Home Automation

Transform Your Home into a Smart Fortress

See Everything Anytime Anywhere

Elevate your home security with advanced automation technology

User Friendly Tech

Make it easier, to navigate your home.

User Friendly Tech

Control Panel

All in one systems used to manage your security systems anywhere you go.

Panel Systems

Life saving equipment

Garage relays, remotes and more!


Seamless Integration: Our home automation solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing security system, creating a robust and interconnected network of protection.

Smart Locks & Access Control: Grant and revoke access remotely, monitor entry logs, and receive alerts when doors are locked or unlocked, giving you complete control over your home’s security.


Intelligent Video Monitoring: Enjoy real-time video surveillance with automated monitoring features, including facial recognition, object detection, and smart alerts for enhanced situational awareness.

Voice-Activated Commands: Control your security system, cameras, locks, and more using voice commands through popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, providing ultimate convenience.

Energy Management: Optimize energy usage by automating lighting, thermostats, and appliances, ensuring your home is energy-efficient while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment.

Remote Monitoring & Control: Stay connected to your home with our intuitive mobile app, enabling you to monitor cameras, arm/disarm alarms, and adjust settings from anywhere in the world.

Find out why our customers love us!

Find out why our customers love us!

Not getting stuck in endless contracts is always a big


Webp LA security

Take charge with your home alarm system. Don’t let a big company get you stuck in  endless contracts! With LA Security Systems we’ll get you the highest quality equipment, with professional installation, and only $9.99 monitoring! Your Partner in Smart Home Security. Experience the Power of Automation Today!

Emily West

Emily West

I never thought home automation could be this easy. LA Security Systems has truly transformed the way I secure and manage my home.

Ronda W

Ronda W

With their smart security solutions, LA Security Systems has made my life simpler and my home safer. I can't imagine living without it now!

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