The Importance of a Dispatch Service

The Importance of a Dispatch System in Home Security

Learn the importance of a dispatch service and how this can help save you and your families life.

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The Illusion of Wi-Fi Cameras as Holistic Security Solutions

We live in an era where there are millions of homeowners simply buying simple Wi-Fi compatible cameras and installing on their home. Really, most of these homeowners know very well that their Wi-Fi camera setup doesn’t offer a holistic security solution, but they are content with the little peace of mind afforded to them.

And that’s fine–I mean, to each their own. If someone doesn’t value his home security all that much, and wants to hope that his doorbell camera will deter any and all crimes, then he certainly has that right.

Limited Peace of Mind Offered by Wi-Fi Cameras

We aren’t going to play ball with this illusion. In reality, yes cameras are the best deterrent for crimes, but at the end of the day, the purpose of a security system IS TO CALL EMERGENCY SERVICES, meaning the police or fire department, in the event of life-threatening emergencies. Cameras simply don’t do this.

Did you know that dispatch services not only connect you with emergency responders but also provide valuable assistance in providing accurate information and guidance during critical situations? When you contact a dispatch service, they can gather essential details about the emergency, assess the severity, and relay crucial information to the responding authorities. This real-time communication ensures that the appropriate resources are dispatched promptly and that the responders are well-informed before they arrive at the scene. In contrast, doorbell cameras, although useful for surveillance, lack the ability to actively engage with emergency services or provide real-time information, making dispatch services an invaluable component of comprehensive security systems.

Hollywood May Have Mislead You.

It’s not like the movies–Hollywood has somehow convinced millions of people that if they have some shoddy clip of a guy hopping their fence, that the cops are ‘going to take it down to the crime lab and run an analysis’. However, we clearly see that this is not the case. The vast majority of property crimes (something like 95%+) are not going to be solved from camera footage. Almost always, the cops will check the footage, and if they don’t see some sort of identifying mark like a tattoo, or a clear shot of someone’s face that’s wanted in the system, then they toss it. In other words, it’s worthless. Unless, of course, you just want to be able to replay the video of someone breaking into your home and jacking your stuff… All in all, it really makes no sense at all to have cameras without something, at least basic, on the inside, covering all the entry points, THAT WILL ACTUALLY CALL THE POLICE. Maybe the only case in which this does make sense is if someone simply can’t afford a monitored service–or is perhaps renting and can’t install anything permanent, and so has to go this very Mickey-Mouse DIY route (which is, admittedly, better than nothing).

Far too often I see homeowners have a wired, CCTV camera setup, yet they don’t have a dedicated monitor! Meaning they can only view the devices from their phones or tablets. What’s the point of this? If you’re going to limit yourself to just those devices anyway, then why not save yourself the trouble and install wireless cameras, that will offer in 99.99% of cases the same level of protection? The ONLY WAY a homeowner should do a CCTV setup is if they want the ease of being able to glance over to a TV (ideally placed within the main living-room of the home) to see what’s going on outside. Of course, with this you can even zoom even on the screen, all the way in to see if the person on your property has a 5 O’Clock shadow, or is completely clean-shaven. The world’s your oyster with this kind of setup.

One Last Point.

This isn’t even mentioning events beyond home invasions and burglaries! CO leaks and fires are just as possible and even more life-threatening than people in most cases, which is simply another reason why it makes more sense to have a complete dispatch-capable setup over having a camera that may or may not record footage through the Wi-Fi.

If the system can’t dispatch–then it ain’t worth jack!

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