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Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just DIY?

While this may seem like a cost-effective solution, it often involves lower-quality equipment and less reliable monitoring. Additionally, DIY systems may not be as secure as those installed by professionals. People generally prefer these options if they are renting their home or planning on moving in a short timeframe.

Why should I choose ownership for my home security system?

Ownership allows you to not be tied into companies that only use proprietary equipment and lease out their monitoring rates. In other words, you can pay the minimum required cost in order to have your system monitored and serviced.

What equipment is included in an ownership setup?

All plans are custom and the numbers provided above are general estimations based on coverage levels. Homeowners can choose the equipment that best suits their needs, such as cameras, motion sensors, door and window contacts, etc. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to provide maximum security and ease of use.

How does monitoring work with our plans?

All of our plans have a base monitoring rate of $9.99 per month! We use a 5-Star monitoring service and offer it at cost to our customers.

Are there any additional fees associated with ownership?

There are no additional fees when homeowners own their system and aren’t in a contract. There is only the monitoring cost, which should be a relatively low fee. When homeowners own their system they avoid the massively inflated monthly monitoring fees.

How does this compare to going with a huge corporation?

It provides more flexibility and control over your security system, as well as the ability to avoid contracts and high monthly fees.