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Security Systems

No Contracts Local To Los Angeles $9.99 Monitoring Rates Hands Free Installation Security Cameras Life Saving Equipment Smart Home Automation

Security Systems

No Contracts Local To Los Angeles $9.99 Monitoring Rates Hands Free Installation Security Cameras Life Saving Equipment Smart Home Automation

Best Home Security Systems

Smart home security systems are innovative and advanced technological solutions designed to protect and secure your home. These systems combine various devices and features such as motion detectors, door and window sensors, security cameras, and smart locks, all interconnected and controllable through a central hub or your smartphone.

Security Systems Include: Home Security Security Cameras Home Automation $9.99 Monitoring

Outdoor security camera installation

Security Cameras

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Smart home automation

Home Automation

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Home security monitoring


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Security Equipment

State-of-the-art Panels

Security control panel

Smart home touchscreen control panel includes built-in face recognition and analytical features to deliver efficient security automation.

Outdoor Cameras

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Our outdoor cameras are weather resistant, with night-vision support and artificial intelligence.  These are the best deterrent overall, and a must-have for a comprehensive system.



 One of our most popular offerings is the 360-degree camera, which provides massive coverage on the home exterior. These cameras are designed to be easy to use, and they offer a huge range of features that make them an excellent choice for anyone looking to keep their home safe and secure.


Doorbell camera

This features a 2K-Resolution camera that captures high-quality video, as well as advanced motion detection technology that can alert you when someone is at your door. You’re able to talk to anyone within 15 feet of the device! With the biometric access controls, you’re able to open your door with a fingerprint!

Our Process

Security system agent

Meet with a specialist in person

Meeting with an expert in the home security field can be a valuable experience for homeowners who want to ensure their homes are safe and secure. Our experts will highlight the vulnerabilities of your home and recommend the best security setup in order to protect it. 

Fast installation with experts

Having a professional installer come to your home to install your security system can help homeowners avoid tons of headache. Our pro technicians ensure that the system is installed perfectly and functioning properly, so that your home is protected as ideally as possible.

Indoor security camera installation
Best security system monitoring

Setup with Easy Monitoring and Support

Our monitoring partners s watch over your security system and provide the most fundamental aspect of any security system. This is the function that will actually dispatch emergency services. With a monitoring service in place, any alarms triggered by the system will be immediately sent to the monitoring center, where trained professionals can take quick action.

Don’t Lease… OWN your equipment

The best part of LA Security Systems is that you own everything you pay for! This means unlike most mainstream options you’ll own your equipment and can avoid getting stuck in endless contracts. It’s also a strong alternative when compared to DIY models, since we ensure professional installation and state-of-the-art equipment to keep you safe, and help prevent any unforeseen cost when coming to replacing and upgrading equipment.


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Client Reviews

Jin Lee

"The fact that these guys are so transparent with their business model is what made them a no-brainer for me."

Charity Taylor

"LA Security Systems installed the whole system a few days after I initially called in! They just made it so easy and I know I got a great deal."

Jacob Hendrickson

"What I really liked is how the agent I spoke to straight-up told me everything I wanted to know about the industry. Where other companies I called into beat around the bush I was able to figure out exactly what I needed with LASS."

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